Rob Bowden is a founding director of Lifeworlds Learning and acts as lead practitioner for the team. He has a background in educational resource production having worked as an author, editor, photographer and designer. Rob has also worked as a university lecturer specialising in international development, social and political geography, environmental studies and participatory methods. Rob leads on our values learning and support for organisations at Lifeworlds and is lead author and editor for our resources.  To find out more about Rob see his full profile here.
Rosie Wilson is a founding director of Lifeworlds Learning and is the creative lead for the team. She is a qualified teacher and has taught in both secondary (English, Media, and Citizenship) and primary phases. She has also led on a number of teacher-led projects and resources and has been a member of various national research initiatives. Rosie is our P4C (Philosophy for Children) lead and has a growing national and international reputation for her training in this area. To find out more about Rosie see her full profile here.
Jackie Zammit is a core practitioner at Lifeworlds and has been with us almost since the beginning. She has managed learning projects with teachers and young people for more than 25 years and specialises in outdoor education, public understanding of science, global learning, and peace education. Jackie is one of our literacy specialists and has a particular passion for global literature that helps to broaden perspectives and engage with global issues. To find out more about Jackie see her full profile here.
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