Rosie is a director and founding member of Lifeworlds Learning.  Before forming Lifeworlds, Rosie was a secondary teacher of English, Media and Citizenship in Birmingham and for eight years worked alongside her Lifeworlds role as a primary teacher.  

Rosie is a passionate learner and has completed a Masters in Teaching and Learning (Leicester) and is a qualified Philosophy for Children (P4C) trainer, registered with SAPERE.  She has also authored numerous resources and books for children and educators.  Her work has been inspired by her interest in people, places, culture and society.  She has lived and worked in Japan, and her work with Lifeworlds has taken her to India, China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as within Europe.  

Rosie is especially known for her creative approach to learning and her imaginative use of books, images and other stimuli to engage learners and educators in deep thinking and dialogue.  Her recent work around values and philosophy has attracted attention within the UK and China and is a growing strength in her already significant repertoire.

Recent activity

October 2018: Rosie has led on a new educational resource in support of the project "Choosing a World free from Female Genital Cutting" led by one of our valued partners, Positive Negatives.  

September 2018: Rosie became an Associate and Accredited P4C Trainer with DialogueWorks - an organisation dedicated to the promotion of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.   This educational approach is the culmination of 25 years of Roger Sutcliffe’s experience in P4C, dialogic teaching and inquiry-based learning.

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