Jackie Zammit has 20 years experience of working with teachers and young people, in outdoor education, public understanding of science and global learning and peace education. 
She is an experienced workshop facilitator and has organised many events for children and teachers.   Her current areas of interest are critical literacy, school partnerships and teaching and learning about West Africa.  
Jackie also works as a peace educator with Peacemakers in Birmingham and was co-editor of Learning for Peace, published by Lifeworlds in 2016.  Prior to this she worked as a regional advisor on the Global Learning Programme in England and also completed training materials for the British Council on international school linking.  
Jackie is especially passionate about picture books and children's fiction as a stimulus for learning and as well as intergrating these into aspects of her work with Lifeworlds she also co-ordinates a book club in Birmingham that meets to discuss the learning potential of such books.
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