Learning Through Values (LTV) 
We have fully updated our Learning Through Values (LTV) offer with new online variants of this popular learning opportunity. This makes LTV more accessible than ever and enables new communities to come together in ways that we had not previously imagined.
You can explore the different LTV opportunities in detail here and find out more about the programme as whole here.
Values Soup
Join us in the kitchen to share our understanding and perspectives on values and frames. Each month we focus on a particular aspect, theme or issue. Some sessions have an input, others are more inquiry led. Most importantly, they are made by those who show up. You are welcome to join us. More here...
time to think
Many schools are looking afresh at metacognition and there is no shortage of ideas to draw upon, but how do you know what to do for the best? 
We spent some time exploring this for ourselves and have created a new professional learning opportunity designed to give staff teams and school leaders time to think about thinking and how it relates to learning in a supportive and engaging environment. Find out more here...
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