If you are looking for more directed support around values and frames, then our coaching or mentoring opportunities may be of interest. They offer the chance for one or more of our specialist practitioners to engage with you or your team around your own priorities or needs. Each coaching or mentoring encounter is unique and is co-created with you as the recipient and beneficiary. We take time to understand your position and to sense the direction and pace that is best suited to you.
What is involved?
Although unique, a typical coaching/mentoring process will normally involve:

Grounding - a process of finding common ground and understanding in order to 'on-board' to one another and sense the most meaningful ways to proceed.
Imagining - an iterative process that enables a learning pathway to emerge and establishes the generative questions that will lend energy to the encounter.
Designing - co-creating a meaningful and attainable schedule for a series of sessions that will form a learning cycle or block. This has a necessarily pragmatic element to it.
Inquiring - we will facilitate the agreed learning, responding to emergent aspects as required. 
Diffracting - an opportunity to consider how the learning has impacted on us and our thinking and a chance to explore next steps or new directions to emerge from this. 

Your commitment:
Coaching/mentoring sessions are normally agreed with you in blocks. These will typically involve 4 or 5 sessions and each block is designed as a distinct learning cycle. Several cycles may be needed, either sequentially or distributed over a longer period with breaks in between. We prefer to let this emerge in a way that feels right and for this reason will only ask for your commitment to one block at a time. 

Each coaching or mentoring relationship is unique and so it is difficult to offer a fixed cost, but we operate a 'fair-pay' policy at Lifeworlds. This is a two-way process that aims to ensure:
 - our practitioners are fairly remunerated for their experience, time, and reasonable cost-recovery expenses. 
 - you are fairly charged for the support you request are given an open breakdown of the costing. 
A typical coaching/mentoring cycle of 4-5 sessions over an agreed time-frame would most likely cost in the range of £125 - £295 per session. The exact cost would depend on the length of the sessions, the number of people involved, the location and delivery format, and the amount of specific preparatory work required. 

* As a community interest company (CIC) with a mandate 'to support learning communities in England' we seek to make our learning opportunities available to as many people as possible. If the cost of engaging with us is an obstacle to you then please contact us to discuss this. We are sometimes able to use our Community Interest Fund to offer bursary rates or subsidies and discounts to unwaged, students, international participants from low-income countries etc.
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