metacognition (noun) 
awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.
Metacognition - 'thinking about thinking' - has become something of a buzzword in education recently.  There are plenty of courses to choose from, so why learn with us?
- We have been involved in metacognitive projects and programmes for over 15 years;
- We are not selling any particular 'programme' or 'resource' but instead creating time and space for you to sample different approaches and discover what works for you;
- We believe metacognition is about much more than improving standardised performance; 
- We focus on the relational nature of metacognition with pedagogy, learning culture and wellbeing;
- We emphasise that metacognition is not an 'add-on' or 'standalone' but is woven throughout learning;
- We start with you - the educator - and give you the time to think for yourself before determining how you might support others to think about thinking.

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