Our Global Garden Days combine outdoor learning with global perspectives, environmental and sustainability education, values, team-building, and personal development skills. Not only do those participating benefit, but the school gets a lasting legacy for ongoing learning and engagement. Find out more here.
Our Fairtrade World workshops make use of our giant walk-on world map to explore our connections, through food and trade, with communities and environments in other parts of the world. Each workshop is tailored and differentiated to meet the needs of learners and we can deliver up to 5 workshops in a single school day. Find out more here.
Our Build-a-Book workshop is confined only by the limits of your imagination! You get to work with our professional non-fiction author, photographer and designer to write, illustrate and publish (digital and/or print) the book of your choosing. A great way to engage learners in literacy, Build-a-Book can be used to explore an existing area of curriculum, to make a prospectus for your school, as a transition project of school memories, or to celebrate/mark a particular event. We have even used Build-a-Book (March-July 2021) with a school to record and remember their community experience of Covid and lockdown. Find out more here.
Global Goals Pupil Summit
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established in 2015 and set out a series of targets for nations and their citizens to make the world a better place by 2030. Our interactive workshop introduces young people to the goals and helps them to build connections to their own lives. The workshop uses a combination of literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, values, and pupil voice. There are a number of output/outcome options including:
- posters to promote the goals in your school/community;
- materials to educate others about the SDGs;
- personalised and/or school-based action plans;
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