We've all had those lightbulb moments. For us, it came when we began reflecting on our first ten years as Lifeworlds and imagining what the next ten might look like. 
We shared the importance of relationships in all that we do. Whether running a pupil workshop, a staff twilight, or embarking on a shared transformational journey, relationships were key!
This went beyond interpersonal relationships - the learning itself was relational:
- with other people (at scales from the local to the global);
- with our natural environments;
- with ourselves through the values, and dispositions that we prioritise in life;
- with our cultural, economic, political and historical structures.
All of what we have become has only been possible because of the authentic and meaningful relationships we have enjoyed with collaborators, partners and participants over many years. We want to attend to this more purposefully; to make more of the creative energy it releases; to hold that sense of belonging to something 'bigger than self' that means so much. 

The CoRE (Community of Relational Educators) is our response. The CoRE is a social space, hosted by Lifeworlds, but co-created by anyone who wants to be involved. The CoRE is open to all with an interest in learning, education and how this relates to social change. Hosted on a private network, you have full control over how you wish to engage with the CoRE.
If you'd like to be part of this emerging story, or simply connect with some of the amazing people, organisations and ideas we have encountered along the way, then ask us for an invite
You're just a few clicks away from the conversation.
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